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First day in köln

Hi, guys! It’s Penguin🐧


I’m going to talk about the first day in köln.


It’s almost a year ago, so I don’t remember well tho...




First, I arrived at köln/Bonn Flughafen 🛫


*Flughafen = airport


Actually, I was supposed to get a room key by 12:00, but when the airplane landed at the airport, it’s was already 11:30😅



*Büro = office


And I didn’t have SIM card, didn’t know how to get a train, didn’t know where Efferen is.

I knew the address tho...



So, I took a taxi 🚖




Finally I managed to arrive at efferen and got a room key🔑



For your info, the dormitory is located in 10 mins far from efferen station.


It’s not new tho...

Many international students live there, so I had a fun a lot there⭐️




↓efferen station



↓view from room




Thank you for visiting my blog today:)

See you soon!